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Notes: When me and my brother were growing up, we weren’t told we were mixed race or dual heritage - instead our parents called us “Harmony”. That was the term they used every time they proudly pointed out another person who looked like us on the street. They taught us that we had the best of two cultures and that this was something special. So we developed a very positive outlook on notions of race. | Yes, that is my Mum singing the hook with my Dad on one of the BVs. | There was much I wanted to say about race and the issues that throws up but couldn’t fit it all in the one song. Hmm…


British lions and black stars
UK to ghana, both sets of grandmas
We call for Harmony

CHORUS (sung in the Ga language):

Wafee nyuma bi dzi wa (we are all children of god)
Nymuma suma wa fee (god loves us all)
Nyehaa wafee wabaa (let come together)
Ke gbei kome (in one voice)


The factory worker’s son, the market trader’s daughter
3 thousand miles of land and water can’t stop
What’s important, Accra starts to dance
And so starts the story, give me half a chance I’ll tell it

Way back before I can recollect
Two people met in the shade of an African sunset
Dancing to E.T. Mensa it was meant to be
This African-European love, destiny

They just clicked like african handshakes
Aranna and grape, now she’s talking of taking his name
He knew, she knew, they’re the one
So, fair enough let’s spread the love

The bride and groom soon get hitched but
Some say “ooh, their backgrounds’ too different?”
Cos they’re black and white like Tooting and Mitchum
So let’s change grounds and write a new history, yes!

Celebrate! now its London, UK
Move place from the council flat with new baby
Sibling number one, that’s big bruv
Wasn’t too long before another kid came along
And that was me, Mum and Dad give love
While some bloke chatting bout rivers of blood?
Cos interacial couples were quite rare
Trouble was hold hands and people might stare

I grew up into bro’s hand me downs
Never in any doubts about my heritage, how
Two cultures blended to make us
Brought two sides together like the equator

God had a plan for my mama and my father, see
Praise the lord they call it harmony



Ok, I was talking to my Mum
About racism she saw when raising her sons
She said when Dad was at work and was taking you two
To school and playgroup, we had some racist abuse

At the bus stop, this N.F. poster
Telling the voters to send the darkies homeward
She’d take the poster down, stick in the rubbish then
Next day comeback, and they’d stuck it up again
Everyday this process was repeated
She’d keep on til all those posters were in pieces

These bigots are afraid of what they don’t know
I wonder what they would made living at home
With groundnut soup and shepherds pie on the stove
Osibisa Elephants next to Rubber Soul

I rock St. George socks with Kente cloth
Headnod to highlife while I try and rep God
So the other day went to my bus stop, and guess what?
Still racist slogans in the spot

Take the slogans down and I speak politely
When you see rubbish please keep britain tidy
Depsite these forms that only say “Black Other”
I represent my English dad and my Ga mother
They made sacrifices brought me freedom
To see the deeper meaning
Mixed race dual heritage, half-breed?
We’re more than that, we’re harmony…


from No Freedom Without Sacrifice, released June 8, 2009
[A. Brooks, P. Williams]
Drums & Percussion: Pete Williams
Bass guitar: LATTY
Saxophones: Pete Williams
Backing Vocals: Taylor Jackson, LATTY, Graham, Michael Evans Mukiibi
Hand claps & Clav: Testament
Hook: Anna
Vocal: Testament



all rights reserved


Homecut Leeds

Homecut is the brainchild of MC/producer Testament. Conscious lyricism, live instrumentation and mix of Soul, Hip-Hop and sonic experimentation mark out Homecut on the UK landscape. The critically acclaimed debut album “NO FREEDOM WITHOUT SACRIFICE” features collaborations with Corinne Bailey Rae, Soweto Kinch, US rap legend J-Live, Andreya Triana and members of the Cinematic Orchesta. ... more

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